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Church History

Life Community Baptist Church was planted twenty-one years ago by Pastor Trent Woods, Sr. Pastor Woods was completing three years of service as a Youth Pastor when God called him to plant a church that would focus time and resources on making disciples. A church that would labor in equipping new disciples well enough so that they would be able to reproduce other disciples and develop the gifts within the church body to accomplish the work of the ministry.


The first service was held on March 4, 2001, at Landis Elementary in Alief, Texas. Pastor Woods, his wife, their three children, several families, and two hundred guests worshiped and celebrated the start of this new work. After the inaugural service, worship and bible study were held at Landis Elementary School every week. Door-to-door evangelism and quarterly community outreach events were conducted every week.


During the first six months, seven additional families joined to form a core group. This core group began training in servant leadership, prayer, evangelism, and building a healthy church. As this group was being discipled, the Lord was constantly at work shaping, developing, and preparing Life Community to serve.


During the first six months of 2003, Pastor sensed the Lord leading the Church to settle in Rosenberg in the Fort Bend area permanently. After months of praying, he led Life Community Church to Rosenberg, Texas, where services were held at the Days Inn. As we moved into this area, we again conducted many outreach activities that allowed us to see the community's needs and connect with those needing salvation and a church home.


Through these efforts, additional families joined us to form a small congregation of about thirty-five members. As a small and growing church, we faced many challenges that helped strengthen and mature us in the faith. As the Lord matured and developed, our ministries were organized to grow our church further spiritually and numerically. Since our ministry was focused on producing disciples and ministering holistically to families, we focused on developing a strong new member’s orientation program, small group relevant bible studies, and a children/youth ministry. These ministries were dedicated to training our church family in the principles of the Christian faith. Strong emphasis was given to the spiritual development of our children and youth. The children/youth ministry has continually focused on providing a place for them to learn and serve God at their level. Our mission with this group is to help them learn the Word, speak the Word, and live the Word.


In December of 2004, we were blessed with a church building. It was a labor of love transforming the building into a place of worship. New ministry initiatives were forged to reach our married couples and strengthen our ability to evangelize. Through our Covenant One Ministry and WIN Sundays, we were able to be more intentional in building strong families and winning more to Christ. Developments during this phase of our journey included our Pastor serving full time as well as the Lord providing us with a Youth Pastor, Children’s Ministry Director, Clerk/Secretary, Administrative Coordinator, and Business Administrator. All of whom have volunteered their services to provide the needed support for the ministry.


Additionally, on Sunday, May 2, 2010, we were blessed to have Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church merge with us. After the loss of their pastor, Rev. Early Lewis, Jr., and other transitions in their ministry, the Cornerstone membership placed their hopes, visions, and dreams in the hands of the Lord, who led them to seek out a church they could merge with. They prayed that the Lord would lead them to a church that would have the same passion and love for the Lord. The Lord led Sis. Jessie Green-Lewis, Sis. Debra Taylor, Sis. Andrea Green-Phillips, Nicole Gee, Elton Phillips, Jr., and Sis. Betty Smith to Life. It did not take long for them to realize they were HOME. This merger has been a blessing, and a huge support to the work at Life as each member has embraced the vision and given freely of their time, talent, and treasures to not only accomplish the mission/vision of Life but to carry on the work started in the heart of the late Rev. Early Lewis. As a result of the developments mentioned above, our church has grown tremendously so that we are at ninety percent capacity in our current sanctuary and over one hundred percent capacity in our children and youth ministry service areas.


Opportunities for expanding ministries’ visions are limited, so we are at a point in ministry where we must expand to have a greater impact in this community. We are currently engaged in our “Time To Move” capital campaign, which will provide the resources needed to expand. The Lord has blessed us to successfully complete Phase I of the campaign with the purchase of 2 acres of land on Avenue N in Rosenberg. We believe that Phase II will be realized real soon! This campaign is about more than just a new building; it is about winning more souls and having a greater impact for the Kingdom. We are thankful for this grace-filled journey that has transformed our faithful few into a mighty army that is C.O.N.T.A.G.I.O.U.S. and on the move for Christ as we persist to accomplish our mission which is to “plant Life in the heart of the unchurched community developing passionate followers of Christ.”

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